Cost effective blades with positive & neutral rake angle tooth design for cutting variety of material.

XN Tooth Design

Xn Bandsaw blades designed with rationalized tooth spacing and positive rake angle to cut wide variety of material.

ACE M-42

The tooth edge of the blade consists of a highly wear resistant M-42 HSS grade with homogeneously spread cobalt particles to improve its durability.

ACE M-51

This high performance saw blade has been specially designed to cut variety of material including stainless steel, High Alloy Steel and Tool Steel.


Created from powder technology (ASP) has very high hardness on the tips of the teeth and higher resilience compared to usual high speed steels.


High quality carbide tipped saw blades are specially designed for exceptional long life and fast cutting


The abrasion-resistant tip ensures a stable service life an da neat cutting surface in the cutting of carbon steel and alloy steel materials.


The side relief angle can reduce side resistance and heat generation during cutting.


Saw blades for cutting stainless steel materials have been developed to allow chips to easily slip off the cutting edge instead of adhering to it.


This saw blade is low-temperature coated and greatly improves the abrasion resistance of the cutting edge.


The system includes flexible plastic nozzle,reservoir,pulse generator, air filter, solenoid valve, pump for...


Max Mist ST 2020 & Max Mist NF 2020 are premium quality vegetable based metal cutting oil, formulated to work with ferrous metals & non ferrous metals.

HSS Vapo

The steam coating is currently the most used one. This is not a PVD treatment but a controlled oxidation that coat the saw with a layer...

PVD Red Baron

"Red Baron" PVD coating adds to the blade an elevated surface hardness and lower friction coefficient guranting a good cutting finishing at high working parameters.


TiN PVD coating (Titanium Nitride) adds to the blade an elevated surface hardness.