Automatic Circular Saw USM-CS100NC

Automatic Circular Saw USM-CS100NC

Unique Circular Saw machines are designed with the highest quality materials and engineering for use in a wide range of industries to cut bars and tubes. Our set of features rivals the biggest names in Japan and Taiwan, and is specially chosen to offer a high production rate and cutting accuracy. Along with Unique TCT/Cermet saw blades, the machine is primed to offer your business the lowest cost per cut.

  • Features

    • Heavy duty machine construction with a torsion-free structure.

    • Gearbox with zero backlash for high cutter life and low taper.

    • Cutting head mounted on pre-hardened linear guides for vibration free cutting to optimize cutter life and


    •  Infinitely variable cutting feed through ball screw servo motor and VFD.

    •  Inclined 45° saw stroke, optimized to achieve the shortest stroke.

    • Saw blade guided by carbide pads on both sides for perfect cut finish and increased blade life.

    • Infinitely variable saw motor speed controlled with A.C. frequency drive, timing belt, and saw gear.

    • Both servos used in the machine are absolute servos that maintain safety and precision even in the case of

      a power outage.

    • Rapid approach (reference) movement of cutting head by ball screw servo motor.

    • Indexing of job through Ball Screw Servo system arrangement with an accuracy of +/- 0.10mm.

    • Indexing on on-bed roller table leading to less load on servos and higher life.

    • Floating vice prevents material from hitting the vice at the time of indexing.

    • Jaw liner made with highly wear resistance material (HCHCR) resulting in no degradation over time.

    • Hydraulically driven wire brush for cleaning chips from saw blades while running.

    • Automatic trim cut measuring system electrically adjustable to the required length (20-100 mm).

    • Length of cut measured by PLC using Servo Drive arrangement.

    • Inbuilt mist cooling arrangement applies the smallest quantities of lubricant to the cutting surface of the

       saw blade.

    • Pneumatically actuated separator to separate regular cutoffs, trim cuts, and remnant pieces.

    • Separate hydraulic power pack with all control valves, gauges & oil level indicator for easy check &


    • Ergonomically designed, AC cooled electrical control panel with high quality switches.

    • High end PLC control system for reliability and quick troubleshooting.

    • User friendly touch-screen HMI to feed cutting and material data.

    • Equipped with self diagnostic function for fault finding and troubleshooting.

    • Auto lubricator system prevents all machine components from rust and wear.

    • Motorized Screw Conveyor for chips.

  • Cutting Capacity

    Ø20 - Ø100 mm 20x20 - 75x75 mm 20x20 - 75x75 mm
  • Type

    Fully automatic

    • Numerical Control
    • Servo feed
    • Servo indexing
    • VFD controlled blade speed
    • Hydraulic clamping
  • Technical Specifications

    Cutter Size (Ø360 or Ø315) x (2.0 to 2.6 mm thick) x (40 mm bore)
    Cutter Type TCT / Cermet / HSS
    Main Motor 20.0 HP (15 kW)
    Hydraulic Motor 2.0 / 3.0 HP (1.5 / 2.2 kW)
    Electrical Equipment ~ 3PH x 415V, 50Hz, TN-C-S w/ IP54 Protection
    Blade Speed 40-160 m/min
    Cooling Mist cooling system
    End piece 70 mm
    Control Servo Control through PLC Panel
    Compressed Air Required 4 - 6 bar (8 CFM)
    Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 8500 x 2250 x 1800 mm
    Machine Weight 5400 kg