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Micromist System

Micromist System

Micromist helps to eliminate the messy and expensive flood coolant in all metal cutting applications and works best with Max Mist oil.

The system includes flexible plastic nozzle, reservoir, pulse generator, air filter, solenoid valve, pump for precise fluid control and supply of oil. It operates the compressed air as its power source and automatically cycled positive displacement pump will meter fluid to the nozzle tip where it will be slightly atomized. Continuous and precise lubricant is sprayed through the Micromist spray system by a specially designed nozzle to form a thin layer of lubricant on the blade teeth to increase the blade life and produce dry recyclable chips, very effective in sawing ferrous & non ferrous solids and also tubes, pipes & structural material.

    • Sawing Operation
    • Machining
    • Drilling Operation
    • Tapping Operation
    • Milling Operation
    • Lathes etc.
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