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RF-270S: Manual Miter Cutting Band Saw

RF-270S: Manual Miter Cutting Band Saw

Medium sized workshop bandsaw with angled cutting capability & upgrade option for cutting various types of pipe & bar efficiently.


  • Cast Saw Bow, Work Table, & Blade Wheels for Rigidity & Strength
  • Cutting Angle From 0º – 60º
  • Adjustable Blade Guide for High Precision & Long Blade Life
  • Stand Designed with Water Pan for Collecting Chip & Water
  • Coolant System for Wet Cutting.
  • Comes with Bi-metal Blade, Chip Brush, & Length Stop Set
  • Hydraulic Tension Meter for Precise Control
  • Fully Adjustable Hydraulic Downfeed Control
  • Quick Moving Vise for Easy & Fast Clamping
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