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RF-330NAA: Semi-Auto 2-Way Swivel Band Saw

RF-330NAA: Semi-Auto 2-Way Swivel Band Saw

Large sized, heavy duty workshop bandsaw with high efficiency gear drive & upgrade options for cutting various types of pipe & bar efficiently.

  • New Type One-piece Stand with Swivel Control Box for Very Convenient Operation
  • High Efficiency Gear Drive System with Variable Step Pulley for Fast Speed Changes
  • Enlarged Hydraulic Cylinder & Buffer Spring for Enhanced Cutting Stability
  • Tungsten Blade Guide for Cutting Stability & Extended Blade Life
  • Cutting Angle From -45º to + 60º
  • Cleaning Hose & Nozzle for Easy Chip Flushing
  • Coolant System for Wet Cutting
  • Comes with Bi-metal Blade, Chip Brush, & Length Stop Set
  • Optional Selection Includes Laser Indicator & Hydraulic Tension Meter
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