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USM-16 to USM-50: Hydraulic Ironworkers with 65 to 250 Ton Capacity

USM-16 to USM-50: Hydraulic Ironworkers with 65 to 250 Ton Capacity

Unique Hydraulic Ironworkers are versatile machines that combine cutting and punching capabilities for various materials, including plates, square bars, angles, round bars, and channels. Designed with Unique's superior quality standards, the machines ensure durability and reliability, making it a profitable investment for any demanding fabrication unit.


• The machine offers a full range of universal punches and dies, including the ability to punch large angle iron and channel sections.

• A large viewing window on the stripper swing-away design ensures easy operation.

• The two-piece gauging table comes with rulers and stops as standard fittings, providing precise measurements.

• Rapid replacement of punches is facilitated by the quick-change coupling nut and sleeve.



• The machine is equipped with a round and square bar shear with multiple holes for various sizes.

• For round/square bar and channel/beam cutting, an adjustable hold-down device is included.

• Max safety is ensured with the presence of large, strong guarding.

• The angle shear can cut angles at 45° on both the top and bottom legs, allowing the creation of perfect welds for picture frame corners.

• Quality cuts with minimal material loss and deformity are achieved thanks to the diamond-shaped blade.

• Plate cutting is accurate and easy with the easily adjustable hold-down device and a large 15'' squaring arm with an inlaid scale.

• The machine features a special anti-distorted blade for high-quality cutting, and the lower blade has four usable edges, with gap adjustment screws eliminating the need for shims.



• The machine's unique design allows for cutting of both angle and flat bars.

• Safety is a priority with the electrical interlock safety guard and three gauging stops for precise positioning.

• An oversized table with material stops is available for convenient operation.

• The notching station can be equipped with an optional vee notcher.



• The machine is capable of bending plates below 500mm in size.

• All components of the machine are of the highest quality, ensuring safety and efficient functioning.


These machines have the following special features to boost your productivity: 

Dual Operation: 2 operators can use the different stations at the same time.

Automatic: Material is automatically clamped to prevent distortion during shearing.

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