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USM-330NC to USM-560NC: Fully Automatic Column Type Band Saws

USM-330NC to USM-560NC: Fully Automatic Column Type Band Saws

Unique Make High Performance Fully Automatic Numerical Control Band Saw Machine


  • High Performance Column Type design that offers 50% higher sawing speed / 50% higher blade life / 50% higher service life compared to typical LM guideway models.
  • Heavy duty machine construction using robotic welding ensures stability and uniformity surpassing manual construction.
  • Components CNC machined in a single setting at micron-level precision, shot blasted, and coated for wear resistance and corrosion resistance to ensure durability and reliability.
  • PLC control.
  •  Saw frame height selector gauge.
  • Hydraulic cylinders for main vice and shuttle vice.
  • Floating shuttle indexing vice self-corrects for bent bars.
  • Auto-indexing shuttle vice with a stroke length of 500mm, synchronized with auto cycle.
  • Numerically controlled length setting through digital scale and sensors, with multiple batch programming through high-end PLC and frequency converter.
  • Separate hydraulic power pack with all control valves, gauges & oil level indicator for easy check & maintenance.
  • Ergonomically designed dual operation (screen and switches) electrical control panel.
  • Hydraulic bundle cutting arrangement with top clamping cylinder to cut multiple bars and pipes simultaneously.
  • User friendly touch-screen HMI to feed cutting and material data.
  • VFD controlled infinitely variable band speed.
  • Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning.
  • Automatic chip conveyor.
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